What is a crystal elixir?

Our crystal elixir, or crystal-infused water, is a simple yet effective way of working with the healing energy of crystals. When pure water is infused with crystal vibrations, it is then charged with the healing properties of the stone. These incredible healing properties can be used to promote healing and wellness. Our bottle is the modern version of a crystal elixir which is the best means of absorbing pure crystal energy.

How do I use my Lunalay crystal bottle?

Simply pour clean filtered water into your bottle. Set your intention and the power of crystals will rejuvenate, energise and soothe you. It’s important that you awaken your crystal when you first receive it. First, centre yourself, take a few deep breaths and then thank your crystal for being here and choosing you. Observe it in detail, touch it and notice how it feels in your hands. Give yourself time with this process.

How often should I cleanse my crystal?

Crystals will also absorb different energies, both positive and negative. Over time the negative energy can build up, interfering with the effectiveness of your crystal. It is important to cleanse your crystals regularly, depending on use. It is also recommended that you cleanse your crystal when you first receive it. 

How do I cleanse my crystal?

There are many methods for cleansing your crystal. Cleansing your crystals by putting them out in full moonlight is our favourite method! You can also try these methods:

  • Sage smudging is an excellent way to cleanse your crystals and surrounding environment. Hold the burning sage near the crystal.
  • Using salt is also another great way to rejuvenate your crystals. Immerse your crystal in a bowl of salt and leave it for about an hour. Be sure to throw away the salt after cleansing.

    Is the shape of the crystal important?
    Yes, we only use Generator crystals which enhance the properties of the crystal they are made from. A Generator draws universal energy, amplifies it and enhances all healing work.

    How does it work?

    Well, each crystal has their own unique frequency (or energy), like us. This frequency affects the environment that the crystals are in, bringing their unique frequency, their own energy, to interact with that environment. Immersing the crystals allows this frequency transfer to the water allowing our energy fields to absorb it, hence their healing properties.

    What is the best method for cleaning my Lunalay bottle?

    The glass piece has been specially designed so that is can be washed in a dishwasher. Be sure to remove the crystal before you put the glass bottle in the dishwasher.

    Are the Crystals glued?

    The Crystals are not glued, they are attached with 304 food standard stainless steel to ensure the integrity of the crystal remains.

    What is the bottle made of?                                                                             

    The bottle contains glass, quartz, and stainless steel.

    What happens if I break my bottle?                                                                    

    If you drop your bottle, you can reorder a replacement glass piece for an additional charge. 

    What if I think my bottle is leaking?                                                                 

    Our bottles have a clever design which means they won't leak so the fix is generally quick and easy. Each bottle contains a silicon seal inside the base of the bottle which inhibits leaking. It’s possible this has accidentally been removed or has come out of place. A few customers have removed their silicone rings during cleaning as they were unaware that the ring acts as a seal to inhibit leaking so it can be an easy mistake to make! Check the silicon ring inside of the base of the bottle to make sure it is in place and doesn’t look crooked in anyway. Contact us if you need more info or if you would like to receive another seal (in case you lost it!). 

    Alternatively, you may need to screw the base on properly or if it has been loosened. We know this one sounds pretty straight forward but double check it is screwed on tightly enough. 

    What is the quantity of water that a Lunalay bottle can hold?

    Our bottles hold 500ml of water.